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Friends Who Get It

If you’ve been fostering long… or perhaps if you haven’t, at some point you’ve probably found yourself locked in the bathroom, laying on the floor (trying to feel grounded) crying about your child, your child’s family, your family, something your child has or hasn’t done, or you’re overwhelmed by the magnitude and scope of what you’ve signed up for.

And you, like many of us, may not have a great community of like-minded people doing the same thing.

Well if that’s your story. Or even if it isn’t, here’s a list of others who “get it” Who’ve been there, on the bathroom floor. And who would love to be there right with you, virtually at least, when you need it.

BTW, if you are a foster/adoptive parent and would like to be added here, please let me know. We need all the help we can get!

Foster Mama & The Kiddos

Cherub Mama

Our Growing Family

Fostering Love

The Lark’s Nest

Popp Life

Erat Mama


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  1. I just finished the process of becoming a foster mom and I have been looking for blogs that I can attach myself to in support, encouragement, stories, and advice when I need it. I’m excpecting to have my license in hand in just a couple of weeks and am anxious for what this first experience will be like. Out of all the blogs I have been able to find, this one has already been one the greatest ones! I am also thankful for the links that you provided to other blogs to increase support! Finding good ones seems to be difficult. Maybe I can add to the group when I get comfortable with what I’m doing…wait, I’m doing foster care, that will proabably never happen! LOL. Thank you again! I look forward to being a follower and continuing to read your posts!

  2. This makes me feel like I was just invited to the cool kids table for lunch. Thanks, Mama Monica! (I think every time I go to a foster parent training your blog readership probably spkes–I frequently send others here.)


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