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Seperation anxiety for the win!!!

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Simeon has never cared whether or not we’re around. He cares more about the opinion and attention of others than of us. He eagerly talks to strangers and for a while now I’ve feared would follow one off for nothing more than an approving smile.

Then this week we went on vacation and the place we were staying had a mini camp for kids. We let our kids go in the evening. The first evening I went back to pick him up, I opened the door to shimmery eyes. He ran across the room and clung to my hips choking back tears.

I just love you, he said.

The next night was easier, but still an emotional return.

This weekend my parents asked to have him come play by himself. When it was time for me to take him to meet my dad, he ran to Leo and began to weep in his arms.

I just love you, he said.

My heart sung!

Not because my boy was crying, was scared, was afraid we were sending him away, but because he didn’t want to go. Because even though he threatened to run away for the 258th time yesterday morning, he doesn’t mean it.

He just loves us. And he wants to stay and he’s becoming attached. This is an answer to our prayers.

And worth noting that the next week and a half marks 2 years 11 months, which just so happens to be the exact amount of time he spent in darkness before his whole world and our whole world changed. Forever.



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  1. I have heard it takes at least an equal amount of time in stability to heal the time in trauma. I’m so happy you’re seeing the results of all the therapeutic parenting!! I just love hearing about your family!

  2. What an incredible moment!

  3. Strange the things we foster parents are so happy to see, isn’t it? 😉

    That last line made me weep. Such big healing.

  4. Praise God. ❤ I can't wait for the day we find ourselves in the same place!

  5. Amazing!!! Amen.

    This gives me a lot of hope…we still have a bit to go before our time in the light out shines our boy’s time in the darkness and I hope, hope, hope…


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