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That man of mine *blush*

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Yesterday I went for a “quick” grocery shopping run and came home 2 1/2 hours later with:

  • One pair of silver sandals – that I HAD to have, you know.
  • a pink ruffled bathing suit for Cupcake
  • a blue ruffled bathing suit for Lyberty (Hello! it was ON SALE!!! Look how much I saved!)
  • espresso bean trail mix
  • and a pretty blue dress

Then, while Leo put groceries away, I stood in the kitchen and told him, in vivid detail, what I thought about each of those items and why I bought them.

Then, while he held the baby in one arm and continued putting away groceries with the other, I put on the pretty blue dress and said “I don’t really need this, but I thought it was pretty – still. I don’t know. What do you think…” all a little whiney like.

That man turned around and with the baby all tiny in his arms, looked at me with a straight face and said “No, it’s really pretty on you. You should keep it. You could even wear it to church or something.”

True story.

I still can’t believe I got that man to marry me.

Luckiest. Woman. Ever.



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  1. Melissa in Durham

    That is incredibly sweet.

  2. Thank God for a sweet husband who can keep a straight face!

  3. ha! I *just* told Croi a few days ago I wasn’t going to buy any clothes for the girls…. then went to sell some of Pumpkin’s stuff at Once Upon A Child….. you see where this is going. Croi loved everything. Whew.

  4. That’s why leaving the house is dangerous. Love the new look and the larger font.


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