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It’s been a while

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Mostly because we’ve been busy. 

Between therapy (5hrs/week), soccer, play group, visitations, etc. I have a hard time finding down time to blog. 

Here’s a quick update:

  • Termination hearing still scheduled for this month. 
  • Cupcake has two teeth, refuses to crawl, pulls up on her excersaucer, screams if I put her in it, has thigh rolls that make me want to do nothing but blow raspberries on them all. day. long. Is simply freaking adorable.
  • Raj is hilarious, has a song in his heart, has less sad days than he used to, still gets lost inside of himself frequently, is discovering his voice which means he’s just another voice in the cacophonous chorus of me, me, me that is the preschooler anthem at my house.
  • Lyberty is quieter, her hair is growing out (and I’m counting down the days to termination so I can cut it), she’s getting softer, she still has sad days, but much less anxiety, she hasn’t stress peed in a few weeks (knock on wood), though she did pee on my couch during a nap the other day. Le sigh. 
  • Simeon is still hilarious, he’s gotten to be an incredible lego master (he made a duck and a cow – that eats hay!) He’s still passionate about adoption, loves Raj, makes me laugh, has claimed possession of the letter ‘S’ (not really S) and claims anything with the letter on it anywhere is his. We mostly ignore this.
  • I’m practicing not yelling. It’s not an entire failure. Mostly the kids spend a lot of time in their rooms while I spend a lot of time waiting for the urge to scream and yell and stomp my feet to pass. 
  • Leo is still amazing. He does things like hold cupcake every minute he’s home, makes me laugh, chops onions, cleans the kids’ bathroom, vaccums the stairs and a variety of other jobs I despise doing. Because he’s just the nicest guy. Ever. I DO NOT take him for granted. *swoon*

So, the reason I have time to blog right now is because Leo is taking Lyberty to the doctor to have a bead extracted from her ear. Yesterday I removed gum from her ear. And when I changed the baby’s diaper I found the leaves she ate from the yard on Sunday. 

Just keepin’ it real over here. #livingglamorous*

*wherein I make an ironic statement by using a hashtag. 


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  1. I love this post. It makes my life seem so much less insane when I read about other people raising multiple toddler (ish) kids from crappy backgrounds.
    If we lived close, I think I’d want to get together regularly just so that we could make each other feel much better with our similar insanity.

  2. Someone we all know and love *ahem, me* may or may not have put a bead up her nose at the age of 4. And may have needed to go to the doctor.

    My mom saw Pumpkin’s Nose Frida and said that could have saved her a trip. Maybe you could invest in one 😉 (It’s our favorite for snotty noses, if you don’t already have one…)


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