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We touched some trucks

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I don’t know if they do this in other parts of the country, but we had touch a truck down here today.

It was fun. The boys dressed like firemen. We were able to climb on some trucks and honk horns and push buttons.

The boys and baby stayed home and rode bikes while Lyberty and I looked for dresses.

We yelled at the kids when they were wild. They alternatively fought and giggled while climbing the door jambs most of the afternoon. I baked Leo a birthday cake. I made cheesy quinoa and broccoli for dinner. The kids had baths.

Lyberty fell asleep while I worked on her hair and Leo carried her sleepy little body to bed. Raj cried while I tried to comb through his tiny little ‘fro. Simeon played legos (leg-a-lows, as he calls them) and built monster trucks.

The baby ate some prunes. We laughed. She spit them all back up. We did not laugh.

It was so very normal. So very not full of trauma. So very relaxed.

I could really get used to days like this…

PS: This is not an invitation for things to go seven shades of crazy tomorrow. Knock on wood, etc.


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  1. So glad that you had an encouraging day! Here’s to many, many more “calm” ones : )

  2. Beautiful – even if only for today 🙂

    Rosebud (yes, RB – not Sprout) has a calendar counting down to the upcoming Truck Touch. The girl loves herself a construction vehicle.

  3. I’m reading this two days later…. and touching wood for you!
    Glad you were able to enjoy it!


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