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Broken hearts in stereo

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Currently, the twins are sobbing in their beds, but we’re not exactly sure why.

Well, I know why. They’re broken hearted. Big time. And sometimes the sadness is just unbearable. And there’s really nothing we can do to make it better. At least right now.

All I can think about that scene in Alice in Wonderland where she cries those big salty tears and all the little characters start floating around on the sea she creates.

I’m feeling a little lost at sea.

Don’t misunderstand. I don’t feel incompetent, or ill-equipped, or even overwhelmed. I feel mostly lost. In the dark.

There are simply too many hurts to even know where to begin sometimes.



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  1. That’s so sad. I’m praying the hurts can lessen just a bit and healing can begin.

  2. Maybe having a safe place to be broken hearted is a beginning of healing. Praying for your home….

  3. : ( Sweet babies. I hate that “can’t do anything more than just being here for them” feeling.


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