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When we last spoke…

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I was on my way to pick up my yahoos.

I’m currently trying to blog while Thing One slams the baby gate over and over. And Simeon says Mama over and over. And Lyberty (I changed the spelling of her psudeonym to match her real name, of course) is pushing the off key music button on the baby toy over and over while the baby squeals.

Not much time for blogging.

It’s better than they predicted. And I’d love to say more, but now I have to go….

Later y’all.


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Christ following, husband loving, children hugging foster and adoptive mama.

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  1. I’ve been thinking of you all weekend! Excited for a full update, but understanding you are oh-so-very busy!


  2. oh, to be a fly on your wall right now 🙂

    I hope you like coffee mama!

  3. i’m comin to visit… and bringing my crew! We like to play off key music while making dinner, as well!

  4. Sounds like things are going well!


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