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Table for six, please.

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That’s us.

Except we probably won’t be saying this.

Because only crazy people would try taking four kids under five out for dinner.

We finally said yes to the three.

I have spoken with near ’bout everyone at child services. And I believe most of them were telling me what they thought I wanted to hear which was mostly NOT what I wanted to hear. Between finally piecing all of the conversations together and talking to someone who sighed and told me what I believe to be the truth, we felt confident enough to say yes.

My biggest hesitation was taking these kids in forever. Leo and I do not consider ourselves an adoptive home. Sure, we’re foster parents who have adopted. But Simeon was our son, he was different from day one. So it was easy. And it was right. I’m not entirely certain I want to do that again. Especially three times at once. Especially without notice. Especially without knowing the kids.

And I really feel the world has a lot of families who want to adopt. And who would love to adopt this small brood. There are far fewer families who want to foster. And we do.

So their case worker finally called after a meeting about the case. And she said that on paper this is still a reunification case. That as far as anyone was concerned, their mom had a pretty simple case plan (of course, we’ve all been there before) and that reunification was possible.

So I said unreservedly, yes! I’d love to be a foster home that works towards healing for these kids and reunification for their family. Yes! It’s my speciality 🙂

So… next weekend we open our home to our newest crew. I’m nervous about the work. This will NOT be easy. But I’m excited about the kids and the potential.

Also, this is about to be my sweet new ride. Not THIS one, but one like it. I never pictured myself much of a minivan kind-a girl, but I think I can make this work.




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  1. I remember the morning (June 16 to be exact) when I sat at my desk — while the rest of the house was sleeping — panicking!! I had committed to taking care of two more children, which made our brood up to SIX! Five of them were under age 7 and one of them had severe special needs. I was petrified!!

    Fast forward to now… I took all six of my children plus two of my son’s friends out to dinner by myself. (Mr. Amazing was out of town.)

    There’s quite a difference between one child and four children – but I’m sure you’ll be terrific!! Blessings to you and yours!!

  2. Ooh la la! Love it!

  3. Oh, Mama Monica. I was just going to send you a message about your undecided 3, and our undecided 2. But. we *hope* to get a minivan with our tax refund this year.

    If I could only build a third bedroom so easily….

    But, congrats to you for stepping up to fill your role. Amazing.

  4. I believe in you:) You can do it! Best wishes.

  5. Exciting! Praying for you for sure.

    ….and most of the time I wouldn’t admit it, but I actually love driving a mini van – lots of room for all my crap.

  6. You can absolutely do this – it is your specialty!

    Best of luck pimpin that ride!

    ps – a minivan changed my life. just sayin’

  7. AHHHH! Can’t wait to see how this part of their/your story unfolds!!


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