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How to ask “is that child yours???”

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At the park while on vacation, we ran into several other mothers with smallish children. Most of them didn’t bat an eye at our multiracial little family.

And to be honest, that’s how I’m used to things. Most of the time no one seems to notice we’re different , or if they do, they don’t show it.

After most of the mothers and children left, a woman and her daughter arrived. Simeon pointed out loudly to Pink that the little girl looked like her (brown) and had hair like her (braided?). I would like to point out for my own pat on the back (not that I can take much credit) that the little girl had chunky corn rows and Pink has a beautiful collection of feminine braids.

Anyway, after a few moments of the kids playing together and the other mom and I making a few uninteresting remarks about the weather, etc. She boldly plunged forward with her question. She looked at each of my beautiful babies, then at me “So… you, uh, y’all from one of the schools around here?”

Really? I said no, we’re from northwest of here. Having a lovely family vacation. we really just love it here.

And, I suppose that ended the conversation.

Later, at the Laundromart, a young girl walks right up to the kids and I, eyeing us suspiciously:

“Yous theys mom?”


She looks me head to toe and back out of the corner of her eye: “But yous not brown like them!”

“Well, some families just look different from others I suppose?”

And with that, Pink and the girl ran off to play.

Both situations laughable. Both out of the ordinary for me. I have to say, the latter is far more preferred!


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  1. hahah!
    Yesterday I got (and I get it all the time) “You don’t look nearly old enough to have all those kids!”
    …ummm….thank you? Except I know what you’re really saying is, how young were you when you started and please, stop.

  2. We get looks all the time. We also live in an area of the country that is (literally) 99% Hispanic. We stand out like a sore thumb! The part that makes me sad is most people just assume that they are foster kids off the bat. I’ve had comments made to the effect anyway.


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