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The highlight of the trip???

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I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but Pink has a hearing tomorrow. We won’t be there as we will be driving back into town.

Crossies they go for reunification with the paternal figure in her life.

The DNA test was done at the very last possible second and the results still weren’t back as of this afternoon.

[Insert angry rant about incompetent case worker -here-] If this woman’s negligence means that this child does not go back to her dad, I’m going to lose my ever lovin’ mind. Seriously! It’s her fault D was with us SEVEN freaking months longer than he should have been. She cannot get away with that kind of idiocy again – I’m on to her!!!

But I digress.

Because there is a chance we will be driving straight to child services to drop Pink off with her family, I wanted to make sure all her laundry was done and neatly packed in her suitcase. So, we went to the local laundromart (you read that right – laundromart is what the sign read).

There were dozens of machines, twice as many kids, a gated area with a spongebob video playing behind a locked plastic box and rap videos playing on the TV over head. Pink LOVED it. When I pulled our warm clothes out of the dryer and told the kids to come on, she begged for 10 minutes more.

In the car, she said this was her favorite part of the trip.

Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye. What’r you gonna do?

My response was something like “Lawd, child… [heavy sigh]” Whatever, she was happy and I’m glad we could provide that much on this trip.

PS: remember the three from this post and then, um, this one? Well we got another call. I repeat, What’r you gonna do??? I guess the better question should be what’r we gonna do??? We don’t know. We’ve heard all the advice not to. We’ve felt lots of support to do it. And quite frankly, we just don’t know. I did request full disclosure on the case this go ’round. If I don’t get it, the answer will likely be no. But really…. I just don’t know.


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  1. You know, these kids…they’re something else. We took Snugglebuggle all the way to DisneyWorld for his birthday, and his absolute favorite part of the trip was playing on the playground at the Fort. @@

    I don’t know what I’d decide as far as that situation goes either…Im bad at saying no, but at the same time…what if it is what God is leading you to since it has been brought up so often? Who knows. I know it will work out whatever the decision is.


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