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Friday dinner was 3 hours long

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And a lot of it was spent talking about Simeon’s crazy. ‘Cause that was way easier to spot.

Like from a mile away.

He wanted to put on a show evidently.

The evaluator was really quite lovely. And had she not been sitting at my table for three hours asking me questions I don’t have the answers to because I don’t believe the child needs the services they believe she does because of one email (but I digress) I think we really would have hit it off.

So that was fun*.

*not really

On a lighter note, In the morning we’re hittin’ the road. Leo has a conference down on one my favorite little coastal islands and we’ve invited ourselves to tag along.

I’m super, super excited because one of the neighboring islands has these glass blower artists who create these beautiful globes then hide them all over the island. If you find one, you get to keep it and you can get it registered and numbered, etc.

So…. while there are lots of fun things to do at the beach, even in the winter time, we’re going to be treasure hunting.

I would give my right eye tooth for one of those globes. You’ll hear me all the way from way down if I get my hands on one of those babies!!!

Oh, and there’s one of a kind ice cream. And barbecue. And a park right by the water. And the weather will be in the 60s…

I cannot think of a better way to welcome the dead of winter.

Later players!


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  1. I’m jealous!!! And sending you good juju to find a globe… you better post pics if you do. Enjoy the family vacation weekend!

  2. When we have visitors our crazy always comes out too.

    Have fun on your trip!!!


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