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Case worker Deja vu

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Pretty Pink has the same case worker as D.

The same worker who managed to make a simple open/shut case that should have been resolved in 30 days last EIGHT MONTHS!!!

This time, though, the supervisors have wised up. She has a shadow caseworker/mentor/back up guy? The kid has a CASA (miracles, do happen!), the ad litem (child’s attorney) has already called, one of our contracting services has already been in touch and is making arrangements for basic psych and physical evals for Pink.

In other words, a whole helluva lot a people are doing this woman’s job.

So when she called yesterday and said she wanted to be here at 8:30 this morning to visit before she went to a meeting about the case (heh!) and mentioned that she still hasn’t organized visitations (which we emailed about LAST WEEK) AND that the most important key to this case (a certain DNA test) still hasn’t been done, I almost threw my phone out the window.

But I didn’t. I smiled so she’d hear it and said “OK. (too high and strained like) We’ll just see you in the morning then.”

So when she called this morning to tell me she’s going to be late (shock!) (sarcasm.) I just rolled my eyes, heavy sighed and said “we’re here, get here when you can…”

I was SOOOO certain this case was over in a month. Now I’m having my doubts….

And you can be sure, I’ve already got a list started to take to the president if I have to. Madness I tell you.



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  1. I always have to laugh to myself because when I have an appointment with a caseworker, I actually find myself waiting for a phone call to tell me they are late. And rarely am I let down.

  2. just a note to say how great I think you are


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