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We said yes again… and again… and again.

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Let the panic begin!

So right now we have Simeon. And our Pink Princess. And tomorrow evening we will be opening our doors to Liberty (not her name). She’s one of the three I mentioned in previous post.

Then when our Pink Princess returns home (very soon??) we’ll be making room for Liberty’s twin brother Peace (name it and claim it, right?) and their baby sister Joy (also, not her name).

Liberty was “released” from daycare and that was just the thing that needed to happen to get these kids moved. Her issues aren’t nearly as scary as I was initially led to believe. She actually sounds exactly like Simeon did when he came into care. Peace is much quieter, much more still and I think, may be more my speed. And Joy is a tiny little bit still. We had her her first six weeks of life and I’m looking forward to loving on her again. She was such an easy newborn and I’m really hoping she’s an easy infant.

Tonight we’re fixing beds and car shopping.

I’m scared. Terrified, really. But I’m trusting and prayerful. I imagine the next few weeks will be spent on my knees, on my face and perhaps, locked in the bathroom.


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  1. I have chills. What on earth did you sign up for?! =) Praying!!

  2. wow, wow, wow!! (I’ve been saying that a lot lately)

    I have a good feeling about this!!

  3. Wow! How exciting! (and I’m sure really scary at the same time.) How old are Liberty and Peace? Best of wishes to you as you open up your home, once again, to what you have been called to!

  4. wow! so excited for your growing family. Sometimes all it takes is saying ‘yes’ and the blessings will come. So grateful that Simeon will have more kiddos to play with – and a brother!


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