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You know that really awkward moment when you tell your family, friends and the internet that you’ve said yes to a sibling group of three and you panic and your head is all swimming and then DFCS calls back and says…. “yeah… we worked something out. We’re going to try this a while, but we’ll call you if this doesn’t work. So, thanks”

You know, that awkward moment.

Well it just happened.

So we’re laughing. Because you know if you don’t laugh at these things…


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  1. Smiling! Isn’t it nice to know that God is in control of our noisy, colorful, lively lives?

  2. HA! I can totally imagine!

  3. I can’t tell you how many times I have yes to a sure thing and had those kiddos not show up. One time I said yes to two different sibling groups of 3 in the same day – all 2 and under. And neither ended up at my house. My hubby was grateful (b/c who wants a crazy stressed out wife?) but I was sad.

  4. Ha! Yep! That’s reality, huh? Gug.

  5. This is truly the part of foster care that I have the hardest time with. I can handle goodbyes and I can handle heartache…but the “here’s one plan” turning into “Nevermind, it’s another plan now,” makes me INSANE!

    We’ve had several of those awkward moments ourselves, and you’re right, there’s nothing to do but laugh. 😉

    Excited to see what lies ahead for you now that plans are changed.


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