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Favorite color: Pink

Favorite food: Pink

Favorite movie: Pink

Favorite animal: Pink

Favorite toy: Pink. Princesses.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have myself the girliest of girls. Which is wonderful. And little overwhelming.  She is a beautiful African Princess of a little girl. I spoke to her father last night, and though his accent was so thick I could barely understand what he was saying, I understood that he loved his daughter and wants her back. Now. 

So far it sounds like one of those really uncomfortable cases where one parent fails epically while the other parent isn’t looking and everything falls apart. I’ve seen it before and it’s really sad. But the good news is that this child is loved and wanted and important to somebody. We have her a for the rest of the month for sure. I’d be shocked if she stays past the next hearing. 

She’s tall. Nearly as tall as I am (not terribly impressive, I know, but for a four year old!). She’s thin. She has braids that rise up to the crown of her head in the most becoming of fraggle rock chic. She’s soft spoken. She’s sad. But shopping helped. Which is something I know a lot about. So, so far we’re working. 

Simeon, ever the hero has been seriously amazing. He was so warm and welcoming to her last night. Encouraged her not to be sad. Told her she was safe. Told her we would be her family. All without prompting. After dinner he asked her if she knew about ‘doption days. “You’d like it. It’s fun. You gets bubble gum.” He was super excited that she is brown like him. “But she’s a lot brown and I’m only a little brown.” Which I find absolutely hysterical. Leo had a good talk about what a beautiful, perfect shade of brown Simeon is. Not that he needed any convincing. He shared his bedtime routine and his transformer toothpaste. I know by now I shouldn’t be, but I am always in awe of my child’s capacity to love and give and stretch for others in need. He is my little hero. 

It’s now quarter to eight and both children are still sleeping. Which is at once a miracle and a blessing. But I do hear the rumbling of Simeon feet, so I’m going to steal a few quite moments with him before our little Pinkalicious wakes. 

Have a wonderful day, y’all!


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  1. Your little bundle of pink would love my little bundle of pink! I’m soooooo not the girly girl type — never have been. And then when the Good Lord saw fit to only give me boys I was OK with that. I’ve been surprised at how much fun it really is to have a girl around though! Pink everywhere!!

  2. A lovely start 🙂

    It makes me smile to hear about how awesome Simeon is – not that I’m surprised…he’s had a wonderful trainer for such things.

  3. So sweet! Enjoy all things girlie! Our Princess was not so much girlie as she was DIVA…animal print, wild outfits, etc. Im dying to have a pinkalicious time in our house.

    Praying for her sweet heart and a smooth running case plan for her.

  4. Tears in my eyes. Precious, simply precious.

  5. So sweet that your Simeon is so welcoming and loving. Prayers that your Pink little girl will get to be with her Daddy soon! In the meantime, enjoy the princess fun! 🙂


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