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Oh, girl!

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I find it incredibly disheartening that I go so long between posts that WordPress begins to doubt my willing readiness to write and logs me out. So…

Life’s been pretty blissfully slow. Which is good. Except I was so enamored with all the free hours in my day, I went and joined the Y. Funny. I keep seeing the skinny girls I went to HighSchool with still impossibly thin. Only now they’re not just skinny, they’re skinny, and have given birth to multiple children and own their own cupcake business. Psht! And if I dash to avoid bumping into one of them, I’m bound to run headlong into a former student. Who wants to chat. And asks me if I remember their names. Which I don’t. But anyways… That’s not the riveting kind of story I logged on to post about today.

Earlier this week I had one of those dreams where I’m shopping for a new house and find bigger rooms hidden that are “just perfect for new kids” and kitchens that expand with the press of a button and other wonderfully magical, domestic-ish things.

And Simeon has prayed for kids every single morning the past week.

So Leo says he’s not surprised it hasn’t happened sooner.

Today I got a call. And though I said we’d only do emergency placements for a while, I reserve the right to renege on my plans anytime I choose. My husband loves this about me, I think.

So, we said yes to a 4yo girl. I don’t know much about her, but that she was being neglected and now her mother’s being detained. There is a man who claims paternity and wants her and is a good enough guy, but we have to wait for all the red tape, etc. We’re expecting the placement to last about a month. Which means she could leave Monday, or in eight months, or never. Whatevs.

I’m actually excited about having a little girl around. We spent tonight rearranging her room. I’ll run to the store in the morning and pick up some girl toys, because y’all, I have nothing but legos, transformers, and legos-ish transformers ’round here.

So, I may be back to tell you more soon. We’ll see. Word to your motha. Out.


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  1. Sounds exciting — like all new placements are. I’ll pray for the necessary peace, calmness and all that good stuff that helps when a new kid arrives.

  2. Girls just wanna have fu-unnn! Oh yeah girls they wanna have fun! Have fun with a lil’ one!

  3. Carrie Kingsley

    Expecting a new placement tomorrow myself! Basking in the peace of the Lord about the decision and the butterflies that come with it! Hope things go smoothly!

  4. Exciting! Praying for you all.

  5. I’ve so missed your posts.

  6. Ah. Girls. I had a call from “my girl” at Christmas. I hadn’t heard from her or her dad in a year, and she’s been gone for a year and a half. It meant so much to hear her voice and talk to her dad and get the new address so I can write her a letter. I’ve been thinking about her so much, but I haven’t been able to blog it yet. I’ll say a prayer for you and your new little girl tonight.


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