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I haven’t visited my friend Nancy’s blog in a while. To be truthful, I haven’t visited many blogs at all in a while. But this morning, a facebook link led me to this post. I cried a bit. Nancy has the ability to speak my heart so often, it’s uncanny. She did it again.

It was very recently I was holding my angry, fighting son. For the briefest of moments, I closed my eyes and braced myself. Regression comes when you least expect it and I assumed we were running headlong into another death spiral (cynical much?) This time though, instead of punching me in the face, or trying to claw at my arms, he fell face first into the hollow of my shoulder and sobbed. When he finally caught his breath, he confessed that he snapped because I had made an angry face. It sounds all so silly now. But I forget how far we’ve come.

What my face says matters.

The warmth of my arms around him can break that angry coldness inside of him.

He’s starting to believe  me when I say that nothing he can do will make me stop loving him.

He trusts that he can fall into my arms, even after he fights, and I will hold him tightly to me – as though proximity can make up for lost time.

Yes, indeed, we’ve come so far. And Nancy’s post reminded me of that. Thank you again, Nancy.


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  1. Her post was very nice. But your post is absolutely beautiful!!! I love the image of Simeon falling into your arms.

  2. Oh, dear friend. Thank you. I’m so glad we’re both in the same place. Love wins, right?

    And sometimes a little mercy and extra grace is exactly what is needed.

    And I have been a blog stranger, too. But you’re always near to my mind and heart.


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