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Well. I don’t know if this is me back, or not. It is an attempt to plug back in.

In brief. Simeon is adopted. 

I am now the mother of a beautiful, whirring, creative little boy. Pinch me. Somedays it still feels like a dream.

Besides the adoption, since I last wrote, we’ve said goodbye to D after 8 months. 

Heart. Break. 

We also got a newborn baby boy. He’s amazing. We had planned on taking in his 2 year old brother. Yesterday we were scrambling to figure out if we could also take his 4 year old brother. Then, in a crazy and sickening turn of events, he’s being returned to his family this week. 

I have no idea what’s happening to his brothers. Also, he has a herniated belly button. Also, he has reflux. Also, his mom is… his mom is…. Well, I don’t think his mom is going to succeed. I really don’t . And I really don’t like saying goodbye when I don’t even have an inkling of confidence that this is all going to be OK. 

But I trust that God is in this. If I didn’t, D’s goodbye and this one would not be possible. 

In lighter news, I’m feeling a bit dry. So, we’re going to take two weeks off (I think) from fostering. Then we’re going to reassess and we may stay this break through the first of the year. I’m looking forward to speding some much needed time loving on MY SON!!! and catching up on some blogging. 

Friends, I actually have a lot to say. And I’ve sent some prospective foster parents here, so I should probably talk about what this crazy journey is like. I’ll try. 

Thanks for remembering us. Thanks for checking in. Love y’all bunches!


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  1. It’s never any good when a child is returned home and you don’t have confidence in the situation. It makes me feel bad for his birth mother as well… hopefully she isn’t being set up for failure. Hopefully there are some ‘helps’ in place… sighn. All the unknowns make it difficult.

    Simeon is HOME! Home, home, home. So happy to read this. Finalization is the best… I can’t wait til that day comes with our Tank.

  2. YEAH!!!!! so happy to hear about the adoption. hoooowww exciting! Have a good break. We’ve taken a couple of those – both on purpose, and (in retrospect) God ordained. We all need a break sometimes to catch our breath.

  3. Congratulations on the adoption! I pray that this will be a season of refreshment for you and your whole family.

  4. YAAAAYYYYY!!! Adoption is such a beautiful word!!

    and so is taking some time to refresh!

    glad to see you 🙂

  5. Congratulations on the finalization of the adoption! That is a beautiful thing!! May God give you peace over the other little ones and their crazy mess.


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