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I forgot to blog!!!

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So… Life has been insane lately!

I’ve been whirling through so many changes that I’ve not documented any of it. Sheesh.

So… Instead of making this a twelve page post, I’m going to create a little miniseries of events from the past two weeks. Maybe this’ll get me back in the habit of writing again.


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Christ following, husband loving, children hugging foster and adoptive mama.

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  1. Can’t wait to read it 🙂

  2. Can’t wait! Miniseries kill me, though…I’ll keep checking 10 times a day until they’re all done, lol!

  3. That was scary! Yikes.
    I’ve read your blog start to finish now, and I’m starting out as a new foster parent. Thanks for posting some of your trials and tribulations. It really helps me get a feel for what I’m getting myself into.
    My blog is

    Keep the posts coming!

  4. You’re killing us. I even went to your old fashioned link in case my blog reader was broken. Hope all is well and you’re too busy partying and eating cake to blog.

    That’s my long winded way of saying I missed you.



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