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Say it loud, say it proud: ADOPTED

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I was at a recent family event. One of the women there, like another mom to me, did something really great and something really awkward.

First, awesomeness: At the party there were many people there I didn’t know. As she introduced me to a couple, she pointed to Simeon and D and with only the slightest hesitation said “…and these are her two munchkins!” It was perfect. She didn’t label them foster children. She didn’t do the awkward pause before italicizing the word kids. She just said my munchkins. And they are. The couple doesn’t need to know their story or mine. They doted on the kids and moved on. Later, as it came up naturally in conversation, I was able to reveal our fosterness with my own discretion and respect to my children.

Second, not awesomeness: Catching up a family friend a little more enlightened about family events, she put her hand on Simeon’s head (in case she needed to clarify the only kid at the party?) and said “He’ll be [lean in and loudly whisper] adopted in October…” I interrupted. Loudly saying “Oh yes, he’ll be adopted. We can’t wait to adopt him. We love adoption. We are proud of our adoption. And we like to talk about adoption, don’t we Simeon?” His response: “Yeah! and my name will be [first, middle, new middle, new last]!”

Adoption is a treasure! It’s a special thing and we want him to have the freedom to own it if he wants.



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  1. I’m soooooo happy for you!!!!

  2. Hooray for adoption!!!

  3. That’s right. Horray for adoption!!!

  4. wooohoooo! ADOPTION! Yeah!

    Sometimes I’m puzzled when adoptive parents even seem awkward about talking adoption. Like you said – let them own it! Don’t try to erase it, it’s part of who they are!!!

    As always, love your posts.

  5. Woohooo!! This girl right here LOVES adoption!!
    So glad y’all are getting close to the big day. I know it’s been a long road for y’all and I am so excited that you can finally make it official! (Official on paper, that is…it’s obviously already official in your hearts!)

  6. Yes! We’ve had a few of those moments ourselves, and I’m sure quite a few more to come.

    You love your family, we love our family, we love your family & how it was made! Yay adoption! (and party planning 🙂

  7. Just wanted to stop by and let you know I linked this post in a post of mine today.

    And also that I think it’s possible that you could read it and think I was dogging on your post – but it’s the opposite, I was saying that you’re post perfectly characterized what I was trying to say!

    Let me know. 🙂


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