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I probably jinxed myself.

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Yesterday I said Leo and I were going on a date without children.

That is no longer a true statement.

Oh, we’re still going on our date. It’s just that now we have an eight day old baby girl in tow.

I couldn’t help but say yes. She’s actually going to another foster family eventually, but they really needed someone to keep her for the next five weeks because both parents work full time and she’s not big enough to go to daycare. Foster families don’t get leave when they get new kids. The other foster family wants to take her some during the weekends. She’s 8 days old.

So… We get a month with a newborn. We get respite during the weekends. We don’t have to worry about case workers, or plans, or parents or any of that.

She’s tiny. So very tiny. I miss babies that tiny. It makes me sad for all the tiny days we’ve missed of Simeon’s sister. But that’s not going to stop me from getting in some baby snuggels.

Soon as my sling comes out of the dryer, I’m gonna be baby wearing! I sure do love me some baby wearing!


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  1. Oh, tiny babies ❤ I know i dont have to say it, but cherish her!

  2. Are her foster parents just unable to take off work for financial reasons, or did someone tell them that they don’t get leave for the placement of a foster child? If they are eligible for FMLA, it DOES cover new placements of foster children the same as it covers birth or adoption (up to 12 weeks per year). I tend to use mine intermittently for all of my children’s foster care-related appointments rather than taking off several weeks. I would hate for them to miss out on the next five weeks if they ARE in a financial position to be able to take off work and WANT to do it.

    But I do love me some babies too! 🙂 Happy you get to get in some good baby snuggles in the meantime. 🙂

    • Thanks for this info! That’s good to know should we need the hubs to take time for a child. I don’t know what their financial situation is, but I would assume someone at DFCS would have thought of that. Our intake girls are on top of things best they can be.

    • FMLA is unpaid though. So, if they aren’t able to leave for financial reasons, they might not be able to use FMLA either. FMLA just ensures that you get to keep your job while you are absent on an approved leave.

      It’s quite sad that this baby is going to be shuffled so much. But I’m glad she’s in a safe home now!!

  3. I’m surprised they couldn’t find a long term home for an 8 week old that was ready and willing to take her immediately. I feel awful for that little baby having to be shuffled around.
    But at least she has you.
    I’m with you, if I got a call for an 8 day old, there isn’t any way I could pass that up. Period.

    • I don’t know what’s going on down here, but they’ve had a bear of a time finding placements. Homes are open, but the yeses are slow in coming. I do feel bummed about the shuffeling, but I am glad this family is concerned about bonding.

  4. I love the image of you snuggling that baby. XOXO

  5. We got to love on an itsy bitsy one not to long ago. They are just oh so full of sweetness. Amazing how a whole family and exteended family will naturally and happily revolve around a new tiny little one. Just starring and smiling.

    … and a baby filled sling is the best acessory a girl could wear 🙂 Enjoy your new itsy-bitsy love!


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