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I’ll pencil you in…

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But you’d better speak up now, because the free hours I have left in September are running out fast.

I just scheduled a visit with the third case worker this month. I’m hosting D’s family for visits. My mom’s trying to squeeze time in. I’m working. Simeon’s in soccer (adorable!), etc., etc., etc.

It’s not all bad though. Leo and I have a date tomorrow night. Like a for real date. Without children. It’s almost too good to be true.

So new news…

  • Hopefully we’ll hear something about D’s case this week. They’re supposed to have a staffing. If they place him with his aunt, they will begin transition asap. Btdubs, transition is like slowly pulling your finger nails off and jamming them into your heart. I prefer the band-aid method of moving. Truama is trauma is trauma, the faster we get through the worst of it, the better. I don’t see this case needing so much transition. If they decide not to go ahead with placement, then we go to a hearing. For what exactly, I have no idea.
  • Simeon’s baby sister is breathtaking. I’ve seen her picture. Crazy 1st mom sent them. And she’s still crazy. She sent cropped pictures of her soliciting. Gross. But the baby is beautiful. She’s safe in foster care, but that state is still working toward reunification. The injustice of it all is sometimes too much to bear. I know it seems silly since I’ve never actually met her, but I can’t give up hope. And I can’t stop grieving for the unfortunate beginning she’s had. And I’m angry Simeon doesn’t get to know her already. Her mom calls her Star. So will I. Even typing it makes my chest constrict. God knows…
  • Hives. Gone. Whew! The doctor thinks it was a contact allergy that infected my system for a week! All things being equal, I strongly suspect it was something Sam brought with him.These kids! Sheesh!
  • We’re still on the emergency call list. Every time my phone rings after 7pm or on the weekend, I jump.  It’s been quiet. Too many quiet nights makes me anxious. Especially since we made it through a holiday weekend without a call.
  • We’re waiting to hear from the lawyer about the date for Simeon’s adoption hearing. It’s getting close! Sqeeeee!!!
Hope you all are enjoying the cooler weather. I’m sad to see summer go, but welcome fall!

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  1. Ooooooh, I am praying for Simeon’s sister, and for her to be with you. I can’t imagine how your heart must feel.

  2. Hi friend,

    I’m hoping life settles down enough that i can visit you more often. Because I’m always so glad that you do.

    I love reading about your miracles.


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