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12 days is not two weeks.

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Memory keeper fail. Blogger fail. Summer win!

We’ve been busy. Mostly busy being busy, which isn’t all bad.

There is new news, though.

We will go to the county office next week to sign papers for Simeon! We talked to a lawyer yesterday and he’s already starting to work on our file. Once our papers are signed, he’ll set a court date 3-4 months from now. Once that date is set, he’ll petition for an expedited hearing and we’ll be contractually and happily bound as a family forever!

It’s going so fast now!!!! Like by the end of September Simeon could be our legal son and I have got a party to plan. Waaaahhhooooo!!!!!

Baby D’s family is still raising concerns. When I asked the lousiest caseworker I’ve had yet how long she thinks this will continue to take, she simply shook her head. Cryptic. There’s no other family that qualifies at this time and this case is on the slow train to no where exactly.

In other words, I’m planning his second birthday. In DECEMBER! Because seriously. It took this woman four months to get pretty much nothing done. Also in December is the panel for D. I’m hoping that panel will not play with this case. I’ve expressed to everyone that we love him and that we would be willing to adopt if his case should go to termination. I like to call that ducks in a row. Now, I am by no means expecting this case to go to termination or adoption. I’m just making sure everyone knows where we stand.

So… that’s where we stand. And in January we’ll begin looking for a bigger vehicle. We want to continue fostering and we have enough beds. Especially if D stays and we have he and Simeon share a room. I simply need more seats in my car.

Lord knows if that’s how this will all work out, but it’s the plan.

Hope summer is treating you all well. See you again someday!


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  1. Whoa. Big stuff.

    I love party planning!

  2. I cant wait to be witness to it all – especially with your fabulous party planning!

    Are you thinking mini van or skipping right to the small bus? 😉

  3. Awesome news!!! So excited!

  4. was it only 12 days? it felt longer (-:


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