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We got the two children we were waiting for last post.

A 3y/o little girl and 6mo boy. They were here less than 24 hours. They were taken from their family in the middle of the night. If we hadn’t said yes, who knows how long they would have waited for some to answer the phone AND say yes.

When we began fostering we signed up to be on the emergency list. Unfortunately, Children are abused and neglected all hours of the day and night. Weekends and holidays, too! By law, they cannot stay at the DFCS office, or with staff. If the children come into care, they MUST be in a home as soon as possible.

A few weeks ago, 2 children were rescued from a traumatic situation. The after hours staff called around our county for hours. The children waited in limbo. Awake. Hurting. No where to go. No one willing to say yes for the night. We were leaving out of town the next morning, which was still a weekend day. There was no staff to move them, so we had to say no. When I heard about their night, it broke my heart.

And it reminded me why I put my name on the list in the first place. We want to be a safe place to land. We want to open loving arms to children when no one else in the world will take them in.

After the heartbreak of losing Cordelia and our now very long term investment in D (not even an ounce of faith it will happen soon.  *sigh*), we could use a little less attachment in our lives.

We were just invited to think about maybe scheduling an appointment to sign some ADOPTION (what?!) papers for Simeon this month, maybe. That doesn’t mean it will be done this month, but it mens this ball is still rolling (albeit slowly)! Woot, woot! He’s still got big feelings and behaviors to deal with and now that D has been here so long (not ever expected) we are looking forward (?) to dealing with those big feelings flaring up when he does go. So, it would be nice to take a little break from long placements. It would give Simeon a chance to understand the difference in rolls between him and the others. It would help him to be a part of our vision and would allow him a chance to be part of the decision making when we do choose to take a longer placement again.

We will take kids in the night, on the weekends and during holidays. They wouldn’t stay more than few nights. We will have soft beds, clean clothes, sweet smelling soap, comforting food. We will be willing to say yes.Come in. We love you. You’re safe.

Simeon will have an ever revolving group of playmates (he had a blast yesterday) and we’ll all be stretched to give and love even when it’s not convenient. It’s something we could stand to practice more.


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  1. I love your heart, Monica! Thanking the Lord for you and for your love to these kids!


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