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I’m in a glass case of emotion!

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Quick! Name that movie.


Anyway, after yesterday’s post, I thought I follow up with some happiness.

1. I’m at the beach

2. Simeon has been a rock star trooper this week. We’ve stayed out late, gotten up early, played hard and fed our bodies junk. Still, he’s been polite and entertaining the whole time. Amazing. Now, if we could only get him to try this at home 😉

3. Leo is now on his vacation part of the vacation.

4. We got to have one last delicious dinner out on Leo’s work’s dime because we were entertaining another family. And they were a blast!

5. We still have two whole days just the three of us.

6. We still have TWO whole days just the three of us.

7. We still have TWO WHOLE days JUST the three of us!!!

8. We are only three days away from smooshing D’s cheeks.

9. We are getting up early, early, early tomorrow to walk on the beach to explore and collect the carnage of tonight’s high tide before everyone else tromps around and messes things up. Amazing things we’ve found so far: three jelly fish, a star fish, sand dollars, countless sea snails and hermit crabs, a gigantic prehistoric horse-shoe crab, two itty bitty still soft and clear baby horse-shoe crabs, tiny crab anatomy (arms, claws, shells, faces), and dozens upon dozens of colorful shells. Delightful! Educational! Fun!

10. We are blessed. Truly, truly blessed. We are blessed to parent Simeon. We are blessed to parent D. We are blessed that D is in a safe place well cared for. We were blessed to love Cordelia and the many other children still dear to us. And we are blessed to have each other. So while the highs and lows this weeks have come much like the tides, I am thankful for every second.


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  1. Im so glad you are having a wonderful time. I hope the refreshed spirit carries well into the weeks to follow! I can’t wait to hear how D did during his time as well!

  2. Amen.

    And soak up every minute with that beautiful boy! (and Simeon, too 🙂

  3. Anchorman – duh!

    There’s something so reassuring about the balance of the tides. The lows need the highs and the highs the lows.



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