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I’ll back the case worker every time, but come on!

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Baby D’s still here. I talked and called and emailed trying to see if his family would at least be approved to provide respite while we are gone. We leave Sunday. Still no word.


I hate that everyday this child is in our home, he is not with the loving family who wants to adopt him. AND no one’s given me a really amazing reason for him to not be there. We’re waiting on a letter from a doctor somewhere. That’s it. So why isn’t someone calling that damn doctor everyday until that letter gets sent??!! Unless of course that’s not the whole truth. Which at this point I’m beginning to wonder. So… I’m really carrying some mama guilt over leaving our little guy in respite with strangers instead of family. But I really feel Simeon needs this. And I want him all to myself for a bit. Isn’t that selfish of me? See? Mama guilt.

In other news, Simeon’s been doing pretty well. I still like our therapist. We still have crazy behaviors. We still see things that make us uncomfortable, but it’s not been awful. In fact he’s been very affectionate lately and that does my hungry heart good. I love to hug that boy!

Also, I’ve started back to work. So far it’s been pointless meetings (apparently public Adult ed is full of the same foolishness as public child ed). I’m looking forward to seeing my students again and am bummed I won’t be there to meet them on their first day of the new quarter, but not bummed enough because we’re going to be feet on the beach! Woot!

T minus 3 days!


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  1. No mama guilt necessary. I totally understand the respite issue. We’re fighting a respite battle ourselves. But it’s important to connect with your legal family. Hang in there and enjoy the beach!!!

  2. Nope, not selfish – good solid parenting. I’m happy to hear the Simeon report. You’re providing him with a wonderful path of healing. Enjoy the beach!!

  3. Not selfish at all!
    But I understand the mama guilt. Bella is about to have to go into respite for a week because I’m going out of town and we don’t want to mess up her treatment schedule that much. I hate the thought of her going – but my trip is not optional – and neither is yours!
    You’re a great mama.
    Respite is there because sometimes it is needed.

  4. Selfish smell-fish. I agree with Maggie, though. We would not be mamas if we didn’t have guilt over SOMETHING! I feel guilt over putting my babies in daycare, but keeping preschool age BioSon home while I work (because he self-entertains and is independent care except lunch). The reality is that to pay bills I have to continue my business, which is work at home, but it doesnt stop the guilt!


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