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Journal 3: A useless possession

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Name a totally useless possession and how you came to acquire it.

My plan for these entries is to relate to fostering. I don’t know if I have any useless possessions related to fostering save for broken toy wheels, etc.

Instead I’ll talk about one thing I can’t live without. Hey, I make the rules, I can break the rules here!

In my diaper bag, I keep a small clip box. I got it for like $2.50 from target. It’s about 11 inches long and 3 inches tall. I can fit a onesie, 3 or 4 diapers, a thin pack of wipes, travel powder and cream. It keeps everything neat and dry. I can grab just that and run if I’m in a hurry, and I don’t have to dig around all of the other junk in my diaper bag to change the kids. It’s genius, if I do say so myself.

try not to be jealous of my mad photography skillz!

Ok, so this wasn’t riveting, or ground breaking. But it is a handy box. In fact, I just gave one along with diapers and wipes at a baby shower this past week.

I guess when it comes to fostering, I’ve learned there isn’t much I can’t live without. My kids are constantly changing and they each have different needs. I keep toys and movies on hand for both genders and many ages. I keep junk food on hand for the first nights. Bottles. Diapers in many sizes. Soaps, lotions, etc. Toothbrushes & tooth paste. Some pjs (though we ALWAYS make a WalMart run). Nice bags for packing them up. Adjustable high chairs/booster seats. Different sized pack and plays. Different sized car seats. A couple of strollers. All things I’ve collected over time, though none of it absolutely necessary.

If you’re ever interested I could do an actual inventory of the things we keep on hand and how we store them, though I imagine most of you would be bored to tears. That is of course if you’re still here after this post.

Ah well, maybe the next journal will be better! Happy Monday y’all!


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  1. A post on how you organize things! I’m all ears!! I’m almost giddy with delight. (This is not sarcasm, btw)


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