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I’d like a do over.

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This past week has been, in short, a disaster.

Leo was gone for three weeks. We held it together for the first two beautifully.

This was supposed to be an easy home stretch, but things did not go as planned. D got sick. He woke up Tuesday morning with a low grade fever. I thought he was teething.

By that afternoon it was over 103. After a sleepless night, Wednesday topped the excitement with an uncontrolable fever and a trip to the ER. Double ear infections. 13 kids. First ear infections.

We made it home, kids fed, medicine administered all in time for me to run to work for my last day. I made it there and back in a zombie like state.

Thursday was no better. The fevers continued to race to frightening numbers, then plummet back to comfortable. Never staying low long enough for us to catch out breaths.

We took a lot of baths (yes, we), D spent three days in nothing but a diaper. I sponged him gently in front of fans. He was an amazing trooper of a kid.

And Simeon. Poor guy. He’s pretty much taken care of himself this week. At one point scavenging for his own dinner from kid friendly foods in the fridge, then watching D in the bathtub so I could clean up a mess of vomit.

Leo finally came home last night. D’s fever continues to fluctuate, but the highs are more mild and we’re all more rested. Simeon is able to be a four year old again. And thanks to Leo’s sister, we were able to spend a few hours alone with him.

It was one wild ride, but we’ve made it. Thank God, we’ve made it!



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  1. Just reading that was exhausting… I can’t imagine living it. You survived and hopefully baby D is on the mend.

  2. Ugh. Wish I could come hold one of them and give you a break! You will get through, and your Leo will be home soon.

  3. Oh, sweetie. I’m sorry. It’s always the hardest right before the end, and baby…the end is here! Enjoy your time with your man.

  4. Nightmare! Glad to hear baby D is on the road to recovery and I hope your home is restored to 100% health soon.


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