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  • I found this website: on StumbleUpon. He has a list of 130 journal prompts. I’ve missed blogging, but I’ve been blocked for so long. I feel like I’m in a rut. My goal: Respond to these prompts from a foster parent’s perspective.
  • I’ve been working on making some changes to my diet and exercise routine. It’s about time. “I’m tired, so tired. I’m tired of being tired…” Name that movie! It’s been a week. I feel great. I’ve lost 2 pounds. What the heck took me so long?!
  • Baby D is precious. He won me. I’m smitten. I’m sold. And now it looks as though he could be leaving in a month or so. It’s about to break my heart.
  • Cordelia’s 1st birthday is coming up. I miss her so much some days. I can’t wait to get her birthday present together and get it shipped off. I’m including a book of her first six months.
  • We’ve heard no news on baby sister. Sometimes my gut burns with the injustice of the whole situation. And my heart aches with longing. And I’m overwhelmed with helplessness. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about that girl. And I don’t even know her name.
  • Leo is making blueberry coffee. It taste good, but it has the vague essence of dirty diaper.
  • The boys and I have been swimming almost every day since the pool opened. They are both amazing in the pool. I’m so glad I have kids that love the pool with me this summer.
  • While Leo was away, he won two free nights at the retreat center he’ll be working at in July. We usually go with him on this work trip and call it our family vacation. But now! Now he’ll have two free days tacked on to the end. AND when he reserved our room for the extra days, they appreciate the work he’s done for them so much, they gave us a third night!!! Y’all. Y’all!!! That is six days at the beach!!! I. Can’t. Wait.
  • I kind of hope that if Baby D. is going to go, that it happens before this trip. If we must say goodbye, at least we’ll have a little familymoon away to heal our hearts. And Simeon could have some serious one on one time with Leo and me. If not though, the five days Leo works, they offer childcare in the morning, so Baby D. can be kept while Simeon and I hit the beach alone. So it’s kind of a win-win.
  • Coffee’s done. Have a great weekend, y’all!


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