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Leo’s home. He arrived this afternoon.

I had no idea just how very much I was missing him until I wrapped my arms around him before he could even get his luggage up the stairs.

His smell. The familiar fall of his foot step on the creaky floors. His laughter. The sweet calls for “Papa! Papa! Papa!” echoing constantly.

My man is home for the next two days, and y’all, I am well.

He brought me a new pair of shoes for my birthday. Just my size, just my style. He knows me. We chatted while we worked to prep dinner. He bathed the baby while I cleared the table. We straightened up the house and now I can hear him reading an anatomy book to Simeon. In a few minutes the same sweet bedtime prayer will quiet the house and I will have him all to myself.

Thank you Lord for this man. This incredible, delectable, delightful man. Amen and good night!


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  1. So glad he’s home. Still another week til I have my hubby for a few days. Ugh. Weekends are the worst without him.


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