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Precious Pucker Puss

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Dearest Precious Pucker Puss,

Geeze, I’m funny!

So, there’s not much to report on today. It was wonderfully, delightfully peaceful. Simeon woke up at 10 to 7 and I told him to go back to his room until “seven-zero-zero.” And that precious child played quietly in his room until 7:20. God bless him!

He picked flowers for me in the hardly cool of the morning. We ate breakfast and the kids played until about 10 when we decided to go to the pool. We played and splashed and floated for a little over 2 hours. Even D was content to splash and play on the steps.

Both kids packed up peacefully and we came home, ate lunch and took naps. Simeon and I watched the Cosby show until D woke up. Then we made leaf shaped sandwiches for dinner (Simeon’s idea) and drove to Bruster’s in our pajamas for ice cream treats. We are currently watching Nemo and plan to go to bed once it’s over.

I’ve missed you a lot today. I think because I’ve had time to think and be still. And because the kids were good and peaceful and it was kind of an easy day. Which is rare when you’re gone. I cannot wait to see you again. I can imagine now, smooching all over your sweet face. I can imagine Simeon dog piling on our embrace. And D joining in smearing drool from one of our knees to the other. And I can. not. wait.

I love you my darling. Oh, how I love you!

Continue to travel safely. Know we’re looking forward to having you home. Love.


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