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You may want to excuse me for a minute

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Leo’s on the road again. He’ll be gone for 18 of the next 20 days.

For those of you who would prefer not be privy to my whining and crying pathetic mess of a blog (ahem, Daisy), then you may want to visit elsewhere for a minute.

Because he shmoozes in the evenings and works all day, we don’t have of time to catch up with everything on the phone. I don’t know how much he’ll be able to access his work email, but I know he can get internet on his phone, so I’m planning to let Leo know what happens on the home front via the blog.

For the more voyeuristic among you, this will be a good place to get a glimpse of daily life with my kids. The good. The bad. The ugly. The boring.

Thanks. Love.


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Christ following, husband loving, children hugging foster and adoptive mama.

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  1. Bring it on, girlfriend! Will be praying for you while he’s away, I remember what it was like when K used to travel. Smooches!

  2. Oh, lots of hugs. It’s hard just managing a DOG as a single “parent” when Croi is gone. Much less kiddos. I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully–lots of special memories along the way. At least the weather is getting nicer now, right?

    And I like to hear the crying, pathetic mess. It’s nice to know that even the foster parent of the year has those days.


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