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Tiny Terrorists

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I live with tiny terrorists.

They have riddled my floors, walkways, stairways and various unseen foot paths with landmines disguised as legos and matchbox cars.

Just moments ago, I lost my left foot to a tiny humvee positioned stratigically near the toilet.

I can’t even imagine when the sneaky buggers made it into my bathroom to plant this harbringer of evil.

They are good. Oh, they are very good.

Hear me now, though! Even if I have to drag my useless legs behind me, I will not be taken out.


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Christ following, husband loving, children hugging foster and adoptive mama.

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  1. Sounds like my house. 🙂

  2. wait until they start trying to negotiate with you (-;

  3. I live with giants that leave their large shoes everywhere! I trip over them all the time. I feel your pain. 🙂


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