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I wish I’d called it. So I could say “I called it!”

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Last night as I was falling asleep, I checked my phone.

Like eight times.

I had that feeling. That nagging feeling. That familiar feeling.

A child was coming.

So I was ready.

Last night.

Tonight, as I meandered through the grocery store, my cell phone rang.

And so… A little boy, Simeon’s age, is coming.

He has a 1 yo. brother, but we didn’t have enough beds ready and no one on the list wanted a four-year old, so we’re taking the older one.

Ok…. before I finished the above post, he arrived. -Ed’mund- the ap’ostrophe to keep with the ori’gins of his re’al na’me.

Ed’mund has a mess of braids on the top of his head. Think Fragle Rock.

He’s thin and adorable and one month younger than Simeon.

So far he’s quiet (but I can tell that won’t last long). He’s neat (but I’m pretty sure that won’t last long). And he’s cute (I’m hoping I’m still thinking so tomorrow).

He likes Buzz Lightyear and Cars and he chose to wear pull-ups instead of underwear. He asked Leo to pray for his ABC’s before bed.

They said he’d be moved tomorrow, but I’m wiser than that and am pretty sure he’s here through the weekend. Which is fine by me. But I am going to ask that they find a place for him and his brother to be together before the end of the week, as Leo is going out of town for the next three.

For now both boys are quiet, so I’m going to prepare myself for the whirlwind of phone calls, and wild boys I anticipate will bombard my day tomorrow.

Blessings to you all. Sleep well.


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  1. Good luck! But if anyone could magage that with style – its you.

  2. He sounds adorable and I certainly hope you’re still thinking so on Monday! Ooohh, Listen to your gut!

  3. Awww…so happy he landed with you all. Hope that Monday finds you all still smiling.

  4. Cast your fears away…
    Worries for another day…
    Let the music play…
    Down in Foster Rock!

  5. Good luck with this new little one. He sounds in’ter’esting!

  6. Reading posts in backwards order tonight. You are such a wise woman and great mother to the children that you welcome into your home. I pray the love they receive while they are with you, if even for a short while, they will feel always. I admire you greatly, my friend.


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