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Pre-Mother’s day post.

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We went on a trip. It was rather last minute. But it was fun 🙂

The most memorable part was brief, and we may have missed it. Except, thank God, we didn’t. And because of that, this special moment may be etched in each of our memories as the moment it all made sense:

Walking down the street after dinner. Pushing baby D. in the stroller. Leo and I lost in conversation. Simeon quietly trailing beside us.

Suddenly Simeon breaks in: “HEY!”

“Yes, buddy?”

“You’re a mom. And You’re a dad. And I’m your son!”

“That’s right. And we’re a family.”

I’m a mom. And Leo’s dad. And Simeon is our son. More and more each day.

Praise the Lord.


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  1. Awwww…out of the mouths of babes! What a wise little man he is.

  2. That is beautiful!
    Happy Mother’s Day to you!!!!!

  3. Hooray!!!! And Amen!!!

  4. What joy! Hope you had a wonderful mother’s day.


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