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Let’s do the twist…

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2:59. In the A-M

We’re in tornado season down here in the sweet South.

I really hate this time a year. It happens in the fall, too.

I mostly hate it because it interferes with my sleep.

If I’ve never told you, I really like my sleep.

So at 2am, when the sirens were wailing outside my window, we debated whether we should wake up the children.

For the record we didn’t. By the time the 2am wake up fog lifted, it stopped. Instead we’ve been sitting here for an hour watching our poor weather man mispronounce surrounding cities. Guess that’s why he’s the weather man at 2am.

By the way, we were just returned to our regularly scheduled program which is about storms. I like to call that irony.

I’ve got a go bag packed at the top of the stairs: a half bottle to settle the baby if we have to grab him. A half bottle to settle him when we put him back down. Bananas and water. Blankets, pillows and temporary bedding are all set up in the basement.

Hope y’all are ready! Stay dry. I hear blue skies are in the forecast for tomorrow.


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