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A letter to Baby D.

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Dear Baby D.

You are being really cute. And I appreciate it. I really do.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s nice not to listen to you tantrum.

And I’m so glad that you are enjoying each and every bite of your breakfast. Really. It’s very healthy and good for your digestion.

But. But, we’ve been at this table over and hour. OVER AN HOUR! and I’m bored out of my mind smiling and cooing and shoveling food into your irresistibly adorable little face.

No offense, but your conversation skills leave much to be desired. And my gardening book was not written to be read in one sitting. It’s been one hour and I’m over half way through. Isn’t there anything else you’d rather be doing right now? I can think of about 1,000,000 things I’d rather do. And one of those includes laundry. I don’t ever want to do laundry.

I am clinging to the words of your Nona. Nona, who doesn’t have to feed your breakfast every morning, you will either go home or grow up. Yes, you will either go home or grow up.


Over toddlers at the table.

PS: I’m trying to be thankful for and savor the fleeting sweetness of babyhood. For I know when he goes home, or grows up I will long for mornings exactly like this. How’m I doin’?


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  1. I’ve been known to fold laundry at the table while RB eats her meal 😉

  2. Oooh, the mind numb of it all. These are the posts I need to read when I am feeling all “yearny.” (Not to make light. Sorry. and Thanks.)

    My mom used to say the same about us, “I know she will be potty trained when she goes off to college.” And I think the same with my puppy. (I know it’s not the same, but it’s a good exercise in patience for me.)

    On a practical note—npr? That’s my savior for feeling intellectually stimulated when I cannot sit still.

  3. I’m feeling your pain! Pumpkin has started to refuse to feed herself (for the most part). So I either have to spoon feed a five year old. Or, let her sit at the table for well over an hour each meal so she can feed herself. Thankfully, she’s five and is perfectly capable of feeding herself and my computer is in the same room as the dining table so I can retreat to bloggy-land if she’s taking forever.

  4. your so funny! Love it!


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