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6 shots?!

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So… we went to the pediatrician yesterday. D is behind on 6 vaccinations. Six! They wanted to catch him on all 6.

I said… ummmm, I may be “just” the foster mom, but no.

We got 3 yesterday (and two draws) and will go back for more later. We also found out that Simeon has a pretty nasty sinus infection. 14 day antibiotic + 30 day allergy prescription. Blech! Needless to say, yesterday could have gone better.

But today the sun is bright and the skies are clear and my cherry blossom tree is in bloom, so things are looking up.

I was able to track down a caseworker and she’ll be calling us this week. Maybe.

And even better news. D’s attaching more. And so am I.



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  1. Glad things are going better as far as attachment goes! I’ve missed your frequent updates!

  2. Ugh, I always dread that first doctor’s appointment where they are sure to say they are way behind. And then they treat you like you’re terrible if you don’t want to just give them all the shots at once! I feel ya’.

  3. I hate the idea of that many shots all at once, too. Too much on an already stressed little body, I say. Sorry to hear about the sinus thing. Hmm…don’t those germs know Spring is here? Well, at least according to the calendar and if you ingnore the snow!

  4. Glad you’re doing better. With all those shots how would they know which one a child had a reaction to if there was a problem?


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