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But my brain is full of jumbled bits.

D’s been here one month today. I still have not met a case worker. He may be here a long time. We’re really starting to like him which is good. I think some of what’s making it difficult to really settle is all the unknown. As in, it’s been a month and I know not one thing more than I did the night he arrived.

I understand that’s often the nature of this gig, but this is starting to feel like a little much. I’m thinking it’s about time to get into fight for this kid mode and start makin’ some calls.

In regards to parenting a toddler who screams, (Y’all, this kid screams. And I have witnesses) my mother gave me some excellent advice: “Darlin’, it won’t be hard forever. Either he’ll go home, or grow up.” Sometimes mama’s know just what to say to keep things in perspective.


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  1. We miss you, too! And hang in there.

    One month… and nothing!?!?! I can only imagine.

  2. If I remember correctly, you didn’t even get the little bugger’s age when he came. Is that still the case?! I can’t imagine!!

    Best of luck with the “fightin’ for the kid” calls. Hopefully all the workers you come across will give you the information you need.

    • He’s 15 months. So in that respect I know more.

      I also got another name by which he may be known. I’m still not clear on which one is the name he should be called, or which one is his correct last name. So in that respect I know less.

      I’m calling it a wash.

  3. If I were a nameless child it would be your home I’d want to be in. I know you would rename me “loved” and you have D. He is blessed to have you.

  4. Good luck with fighting for him! You’ll do great. I’m a huge avoider of confrontation, but give me a kid being completely let down by the state? Watch. Out. 🙂

  5. I like your mom. Everything changes, even screaming. He’ll stop and another kid will start 😉

  6. Your mother is a wise woman. XOXO


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