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It’s a freeze dance kind of life.

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So… I’ve been MIA for a while. Mostly just busy. The busyness that comes in waves.

I’ve had to have the boys up and out of the house for some appointment or activity every morning this week. I’ve hosted a bridal shower. I’ve worked. I’ve worked. I’ve cleaned my house top to bottom (thank the Lord for a good man who knows his way around a dust pan!).

I’ve filled little bellies. I’ve washed little bodies. I’ve kissed little bumps and bruises.

I’ve yelled. A lot. I’ve cried. A little. I’ve laughed every day.

Today is my day of rest. Tomorrow I launch myself into another two days of crazy, hectic, harried, busyness.

I woke up this morning stiff and sluggish. But I feel really good.

Baby D. is staying. We don’t know how long. At this point it will probably be weeks at least. I’m struggling with attachment. I’m assuming the longer he stays and the more we learn, the easier that will be. I’m praying, too.

We’re running out of days in March. Baby sister has probably been born. And each day that passes, I get the sinking feeling we’ve lost her. And it breaks my heart. Nearly every night, I find myself laying awake, closer and closer to mourning her life. And the real tragedy is that her life is only beginning.

Simeon continues to do well. That makes me think of the scene in Raising Arizona where Holly Hunter and Nicolas Cage have just stolen the baby and Holly Hunter bursts into tears “I just love him so much!”

Geeze I love that movie! It is ridiculous that only clip of this scene I could find was one somebody had videoed of it playing on their t.v. A travesty, I tell you. Also, if you haven’t seen that movie. You must. It’s hysterical. In fact, I’m in the mood to watch it now. Stop by today and we’ll watch it. I’ll even haul my microwave out of the garage (a protest for more counter space) and make you some popcorn.

And after that little bit of nonsense, I wish you all a wonderful weekend.


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  1. It will be a wonderful weekend because I get to see you today!!!!


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