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He’s been screaming for thirty minutes. Leo’s in there now.

He’s wonderfully adorable during the day. Really. A little fussy, but that seems to be only because he’s tired.

It’s night-time. Not the falling asleep, but the waking here that seems to put him most ill-at-ease.

Obviously he did not go home today. We thought he may, but no. There’s another hearing early next week. He could go to a relative then. I’m pretty sure he’s not going back home any time soon.

I really don’t mind him staying. He’s a pretty easy baby. And he’ll be even easier when he sleeps. And I’m almost certain he will sleep eventually. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

In the mean time. I’m working on my attitude.

Oh, and tonight I had a 3o minute phone conversation with Simeon’s bio dad. Yeah, we’re totally open book like that (insert eye roll). I had to explain to him what it meant when the judge terminated his rights. He’s really not a bad man, he’s just ill-equipped for life. Hence the termination. So we’ve set some boundaries for him. Which he agreed to. And appreciated.

I think he’ll be really invested in maintaining contact with us for a while. Then I imagine he’ll end up doing something foolish and we’ll lose touch. He’ll probably always be around in the periphery occasionally. And Leo and I are fine with that. We feel like we have a good system in place to not just protect Simeon from his parent’s foolishness, but also allow him to know where he comes from and give him the freedom to choose how much he wants to have a relationship with them someday. It’s all just so very sad.


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  1. Negotiating the dance of open adoptions is never easy. Brave and wonderful are you and Leo for supporting S in knowing his parents. I wish I could be as brave as you…


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