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I’m gonna call him Donalbain for now.

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Perhaps we’ll shorten it to D. if he sticks around.

Baby boy arrived. It’s just after midnight now.

Leo’s out doing the literal midnight Walmart run.

One thing I’ve learned is that no matter how prepared you are (and I am prepared) you will ALWAYS be making a Walmart run. It’s the nature of things.

I put his sweet head on the pillow just moments ago.

We don’t know much. Not even a last name. He’s just a toddler. Somewhere between 10-12 months is my best guess. I know one tiny bit, of one snippet of why he’s come into care so late this night. It’s rather frightening. But he’s safe now.

He’s got dimples and a cleft chin. He’s a beautiful, ruddy brown. Definitely of Latin American descent. Huge eyes. Eye lashes for days. He’s thick, strong, solid.

He bites. Or rather, he bit. Hard. I couldn’t free myself. We’ll work on that.

He makes a lot of noise. He likes to be held (so far).

There’s not much else to say, but a lot of prayers to pray.



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  1. Oh, I love that age!! Though it does come with the biting. ouch, sorry 😦

    Have fun with him! I know that you are going to love him so well.


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