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You’d think that after 11 other children (more than half under the age of 18 months) I’d remember what to do.

Well, I don’t.

Every time feels like the first time. I’ve got out the baby book. I’ve researched healthy meals and feeding schedules. Sleeping schedules. Skin care. Etc., Etc., Etc.

I really find working with them (easier with the littler ones) on a schedule and eating healthy right away makes things tough at first, but so much easier in the long run. Who knows what he’s been eating or where he’s been sleeping up to this point. Of course, I still don’t actually know how old he is.

Last night Baby D was up at two. Again at 4 and stayed up, screaming mostly, until 6:30. Leo and I shared the load. Simeon joined the early morning party at one point. Needless to say, we’re all pooped. But, I didn’t let the little pterydactyl down until a bit ago. And I’ll get him up by 3:30 if he doesn’t wake himself.

Other than fussing and screetching most of the morning, he’s been pretty easy. Simeon’s incredible. Again, that child amazes me. His capacity to love others and rally the troups when we need encouragment is astounding. Of course he’s still 4, but really, an amazing 4.




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  1. Exciting times I’m sure!! I’ll be praying that the major issues (eating, sleeping & pooping) all fall into something resembling “normal” for you very soon.

  2. You guys rock. That’s all I have to say!


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