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Knock on wood, skip a stone, watch the cracks and all that.

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We’ve been riding the most beautiful upswing the past two weeks. Praise the Lord, I see such sweetness in Simeon.

  • He’s been initiating affection to no end. This is huge. Huge I tell you. It speaks volumes of healing. <<grin>>
  • The other night, I put him to bed and he reached over to where I sat and put his tiny hand on the side of my arm: “I wanna be together. I no wanna go nowheres.” Oh, baby! You aren’t going anywhere. I. Love. You.
  • Today he asked me to kiss him on the lips and I reminded him that only married people kiss on the lips (go with me). He said “oh, you no kiss-a me ’cause I no give you a ring, right?” Right.  Then he says he’s going to marry a princess who is pretty with dark hair, funny, nice and chubby. Amen.
  • We went for a family walk this afternoon. He stopped every 10 feet or so to fill his tricycle basket with dandy lions. Soon we passed a guy painting his front steps. Simeon stopped and ran full speed up the yard to the man and handed him a flower. He said “Here. This-a for you.” And ran back. Happy to give a little of the beauty he found in the day.

He is a miracle. An absolute miracle. His lows are really low. But his capacity to love and give and laugh are immeasurable. Thank the Lord for this salty, sweaty, grimy gift, this treasured boy. Amen.


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  1. OMG, girl. What a treasure he is. And I love his frankness.

  2. Another one to bring the tears to my eyes! He’s amazing and perfect in every way. What an awesome fit.

    I’ve given Sprout the same “no lip-kissin without a ring” speech – it works, at least for now 😉

  3. That is wonderful! I hope and pray that having permanance and knowing he is wanted and loved unconditionally is helping him to heal and be able to enjoy life like he truly deserves!

  4. SOooo so good to hear! What a sweet boy 🙂


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