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New team. I’m not on it.

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So we’ve been fostering for over a year and a half. When we began, we told cps that we weren’t really interested in adoption.

We are now in the process of adopting our second placement. Who arrived about a month after our first.

From day one I’ve had a great relationship with cps. Even if I haven’t loved every person we’ve worked with, our experience overall has been positive. I’ve felt like I was part of a team. And while there were certainly measures in place to make sure we weren’t crazy, everyone treated us as though we were with them. The parents are the one who need to be micro managed and examined. We’re known. We’re team players. We’re a good home.

So, I was completely taken aback when we met our adoption worker and suddenly felt as though I was being inspected, watched and measured. I understand why, but I’ve been at this, and with this child long enough that I assumed I had proved myself.

Apparently not.

Throughout our meeting I felt as though I were fumbling and bumbling and saying all the wrong things. Probably not, but still. She didn’t put my mind at ease.

We’re looking at a process that will take about 6 months? Maybe more. And this woman needs to give her OK. And she’d our only contact. And I’m praying that we are able to connect, because I know this sounds crazy, but I miss the old team already.


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  1. The entire process for adoption is so broken. Everywhere I go, everything I read, all I come across are the areas that so desperately need to be improved.

    Simeon needs a home. You’ve been that home for a long, long time. You didn’t remove Simeon from his bio parents. You’ve cooperated all along. Now though?! I will pray that your adoption worker comes around.

    We adopted through the foster care system seven years ago. It was completely different in the fact that the bio parents relinquished rights at birth because they chose to. They had planned on taking advantage of our state’s Safe Haven Law but the social worker at the hospital explained it would be easier for the baby if they formally relinquished rights. It should have been an easy process. But as we went through the paperwork nightmare I think the bio parents had to sign relinquishment papers many, many times. It took us over a year to finalize everything.

    Prayers that things smooth out for you!


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