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I got a call this weekend for twin toddlers. Very young toddlers. One medically fragile with a laundry list of  issues that included things like prescription diaper rash cream, seizures, shunts, etc.

I said no. For several reasons. One being that the medical issues were a bit overwhelming for us.

But most because I know that Simeon has a sibling in utero.

And I think she may be due soon. Well, I know she’s due soon. I think she may be delivered near us and if the state is vigilent, she may come straight home to us.

So, I want to be ready. I want to be sure we have an open bed and that our baby things are in order. Because if there’s a chance. Even if it’s the slightest chance that they can be together. Then I want very much for that to happen.

And I’m praying everyday that if she doesn’t come to us, that if by chance there is another plan for her life, that it is one that will save her from the terrifying future she is currently sentenced to live.


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  1. Lucky baby and lucky Simeon to have you holding a place in your heart and home …prayers for all

  2. I know this feeling so well. May her life be nothing but nurture and love from the very start.

    ps – Do you know its a girl?? If yes, squeal! and kudos to mom for getting prenatal care.

  3. Oh please oh please oh please oh please let her go to you!


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