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So tired. Won’t sleep.

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Now we’re counting down the hours to the hearing.

I’m feeling more at peace than I had been.

But I’m also a little overwhelmed with the magnitude of the decision being made tomorrow.

The end result of tomorrow could ultimately change the course of Simeon’s entire life.

Not to mention ours.

Or his parents.

It’s the right thing to do. They are unstable. Among other things.

But it doesn’t mean that this is easy.

It’s a tragedy.


His parents have lived lives of rejection. They have failures of epic proportion on their records. They continue to flounder and flop.  So far the only good thing they’ve done with themselves is to create this incredible little boy. And he’s about to be taken away from them. Part of their identities. Part of his. Will be severed. Forever.


And truly. My heart is breaking for them all tomorrow.

But I’m also praying that the decision is final. That it’s done and that we can move on.

But really, what I’m trying to pray is, as Daisy says, the scariest prayer of all. God’s will be done. Whatever that is.

No, This isn’t easy at all.


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  1. Praying for y’all tomorrow! Is there a specific time I can be praying?

  2. God has been in Simeon’s corner from day one and He will not let him down. God’s will is tough to pray, but who better to “play God” than God! I’m joining you in prayer and I am standing in the gap for that precious lil’ man. Love you!

  3. You all are in our prayers for tomorrow – and the journey that will begin from there. Peace.

  4. Always in my heart and prayers.

  5. praying for you right now! Lots of good thoughts for you and Simeon.

  6. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Melissa in Durham

  7. The scariest prayer of all.

    How true is that. I missed the prayer request. Now praying for the next steps.


  8. My heart both breaks and rejoices for this little boy. How fortuitious he found a port in the storm of his troubled young life. How sad it was necessary to find one.


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