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Count down to warm…

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Not helping my winter ennui, I’ve been reading articles on gardening. This year Leo and I want to try our hand at our own small garden. We will, of course, still be helping my folks at the farm.

As I read through articles on water conservation, soil nutrition, plant protection, pest control, etc. I can almost smell the warm damp earth. My skin remembers the warmth of spring and the sticky sweat dripping down my back in the heat of summer.

I long to dig my hands past the sun warmed earth surface and feel the shape of potatoes in cool dirt.

I long to lay next to Leo and feel the ceiling fan making lazy breezes lulling us to sleep.

I want to hull peas, snap beans and shuck corn. I want to taste the vegetables before I’ve even left the garden gate. I want to crush up lamb’s ear and cinnamon basil between my fingers and inhale deeply the musty herbs.

I want to rub lemon balm on my wrist and envelop my senses in summer. I want to shadow my dad as he inspects his beloved apple trees. I want to water the plants while I watch Simeon dig in the dirt.

I want to kneel next to my mama, the sun beating down on our backs while we clear over growth from her flower garden. I want to sit on the front porch swing. I want to walk the woods at dusk.

I want to lay in the hammock. I want to gaze at the stars in the middle of the pasture with Leo. I want finger nails caked with dirt. I want knees stained with red clay.

I want t-shirts soaked with sweat. I want to walk barefoot across the cool grass. I want to jump through the sprinkler. I want to watch to watch the beautiful things we’ve planted break free from the earth.

I want to play in the creek. I want to watch birds and butterflies make way through the property. I want to measure time by the length of days. I want to eat dinner by fire-fly light. I want to shower with well water. I want to cook fresh from the garden.

My world feels small in these cold months. On the coldest days, my bones ache. I feel tight. I feel slow. 62 days until Spring. Not that I’m counting.



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  1. We must experience the cold times to really appreciate the warmth. It will come – it always comes 🙂

  2. Yes, again. Winter does nothing for me…except for make me appreciate spring even more. Kinda like life. You need the darkness so those roots really become solid and firm.

  3. You’re so mean to post all that summer lovely, I skipped part of it because I would cry if I thought about it too much. Which makes these snow days the kids have off school even more horrid because they will have to make them up in June!


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