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Love Shack part 2

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Here are some of the things we’ve used to deck the halls with love here. There are a few things left for me to finish, but it’s a start.

Cupcakes. Mocha Frosting. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is… Simeon helped me every step of the way. He also picked out the wrappers. They have hearts on them.

I got these lace paper hearts from the dollar spot at Target (love) and hung them in the hall. Simeon dances under them to make them move.

This was a dollar store wreath. I spray painted it pink with left over paint from Cordelia’s room. Those are felt hearts and felt strips. I sewed pink buttons on the hearts and wrote Welcome Love in glitter glue. Leo says it looks like a do not enter sign with the felt strips on the diagonal. Psht!

These are tiny frames I picked up for a dollar at Michael’s last year. I tore the plastic cover and stitched felt for the center. This is a shelf above the stairs when you enter.

We’ve spent hours and hours building legos. I call this one lego love.

Dollar store wreath. You can’t tell but it’s half red, half gray. The flower is made of coffee filters.

Paper hearts glued on candles I picked up at IKEA for 49cents last summer. The other side of a mirror has a collage photo we made with photo booth. It’s matted with some vintage-ish scrap paper.

Part of the unfinished mantel.

On either side of the unfinished mantel I used dollar store wreaths and red yarn. They have felt flowers with pink buttons.

I still want to make an advent-ish calendar and pennants. Then I think I’m done. Simeon and I will make a scrapbook with photo booth pictures we made. We’ll make Valentine’s for people we love. We’ll make more cupcakes (because the world will never have enough cupcakes). We’ll build more legos. We’ll draw pictures. We’ll make some stained glass-ish heart art with coffee filters. And whatever other love themed activities I can come up with. I’ll try to showcase some of them here.

If you have ideas… share!

On an unrelated note: Grey’s. Callie is pregnant with Mark’s baby. What?!?!


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  1. One of my favorite activities for stained glass is melting crayon bits beneath wax paper. You may need to use a towel on top of the wax paper as you iron. Then you can make “frames” for your stained glass with construction paper. I absolutely love all of your decorations!! I may have to steal a few of your ideas. Way to go girl!!

  2. I’m feeling the love all the way down in Texas.

  3. For my new friend–a crafty friend melted old bits of crayons (she even solicited crayon bits from friends) and poured them into (heart shaped) candy molds with a bit of glitter. Her daughter is giving them away–taped to a little home-made card that says ” you color my world, valentine” I thought it was cute and age appropriate.

    I can send you pictures but as a newbie, I don’t know how to post them in a comment.

  4. I was wrong about the instructions. Here are the directions from my friend:

    I bought the mold at michaels for 5.50. I had a 50% off coupon. Then I just broke the already broken crayons up a tiny bit more, put them in the mold (w/o the paper) and put it in the oven for about 10 minutes at 250. I put the mold ontop of a cookie sheet with sides covered in foil, incase of drips. When you take it out, let it cool for a bit on the counter, then put it in the freezer for a few minutes. After you take it out of the freezer they slide out of the mold (do not use cooking spray). If you do not put them in the freezer and try to take them out they will crumble in the process. Super easy, I did it when the kids were sleeping. I really wanted Paula to help but wanted to try it first. The paper is a bit difficult to get off, not sure if she would have been able to. For the next batch my plan is to take the paper off when she is sleeping, and then in the morning let her place them in the molds to bake, so that she feels she took part in it!

    Hope that helps!

  5. P.S. Her daughter, Paula, is 4.
    P.P.S. Callie–WTF? And poor Arizona. Interesting.

  6. I love the love theme!

    Grey’s – She should have had ice cream instead of sorbet.

  7. LOVE it!! You are one crafty chick.


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