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To Whom it may concern:

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The snow, the ice, the cold. I’m over it.



I played along. I was  a good sport. And now I am done.

I’m ready for spring. Last night I dreamed that I was hanging my spring clothes up in my closet.

It was a sweet, sweet dream. And when I woke up this morning, I found the world white and cold.

In other words, miserable.

Please send warm weather as soon as possible.

Thank you for your consideration.



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  1. No, no! This northerner has been loving your comment about “southerners knowing how to milk a good thing.” Keep it up! Blanket forts in the living room, building snowmen, make make-shift snoeshoes, make maple-syrup candy, any candy and have it cool in the snow, Are you in the country? Can Simeon “write his name in the snow?” (if that wouldn’t encourage behaviors you’re trying to squelch…) movies, popcorn, make a bird feeder with peanut butter on a pinecone, tracking, PJ day, make a toy/instrument with random things (google cabasa–you can use key chains), use food dye colored water in a spray bottle to write/draw in the snow–you can graffitti everything and it melts!, use sand toys to build castles and forts outside,
    The good news is kids get tired quickly in the out doors when it’s frigid! Then, you can bundle and watch movies. With hot cocoa. We northerners can milk it 🙂

    • Hilarious!!! All that sounds great… except it’s cold. I’m tired of being cold. I’m tired of wearing socks. And sweaters. And sleeping in layers. I want to open my windows. And smell the sun bake the earth. And dig deep in the dirt… Oh, I may be posting about how much I miss summer. You have fun though. I’ll root you on from here!


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